Reviewers Say...

Comments on Linear Programming for Beginners:

"It is wonderful.  I think it will be very useful... It would make a great student learning aid like a Schaum's outline series (only more detailed)." Bradley Kramer, chair of the Department of Industrial Engineering, Kansas State University 

Here's what people had to say about Doris Grosh's first textbook, A Primer of Reliability Theory:

".......the main attraction of the book is its readability. Although the author gives detailed proofs of theorems, as would be expected of a primer, she makes extensive use of appendixes to avoid breaking the flow of a given chapter. In general, both main developments and appendices are easy and pleasant to read....The author accomplishes what she sets out to do—namely, to bring students to a level at which they can readily understand the development of reliability articles and can handle more sophisticated books.
Michele Boulanger Carey, AT&T Bell Laboratories, review in Technometrics

".....I have developed a series of courses in quality control, one of which is a 14 hour course on Reliability.  In searching the literature, I have read a number a texts but I find this text to be the most useful.  For example, in trying to use the Weibull distribution, the only reference I could find that demystified this rather difficult statistical distribution was the explanation on pages 63 to 69.  Thank you for writing such a fine text." David Mulder, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"A friend loaned it to me and I found it to be easy to read and use.  I wish it were still in print, but I'm searching the used bookstores to find my own copy." Ted Britton, Sr. Engineer, Beckman Coulter Corp.