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DORIS LLOYD GROSH, Professor Emerita, Industrial Engineering

    B.S. University of Chicago, Mathematics & Physics, 1946  
    M.S. Kansas State College, Mathematics, 1949
    Ph.D. Kansas State University, Statistics, 1969


  • Acting Department Head, Industrial Engineering, 1988-89.
  • Professor,Kansas State University, 1984-1990.
  • Associate Professor, Kansas State University, 1975-84.
  • Assistant Professor, Kansas State University, 1968-75.
  • Instructor & Research Assistant, Part Time, Kansas State University, 1965-68.
  • Lecturer Part Time, University of Tulsa, 1954-65 (while raising children).
  • Graduate Assistant, Purdue University, 1949-52.
  • Instructor, Kansas State College, 1946-49 (Except 1947, on leave to Mexico as a student)


  • Selection of Outstanding Undergraduate Industrial Engineering Students in the U.S.
  • Referee: Journal of the American Statistical Association, I.E.E.E. Transactions on Reliability, Technometrics.
  • Winner of James L. Hollis Teaching Effectiveness Award, May 1975.  
  • Winner of Industrial Engineering Department Teaching Award, May 1981, May 1990
  • Member, Kansas State University Faculty Senate
  • Member, College of Engineering Course and Curriculum Committee
  • Member, College of Engineering Teaching Effectiveness Committee
  • Chairman, College Committee on Planning (CCOP)
  • Member, KSU Human Subjects Committee, 1979-1983
  • Member, Physical Sciences Subcommittee of Graduate Faculty
  • President, KSU Chapter of AAUP


American Statistical Association, Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (affiliate member), Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, Alpha Pi Mu (I.E. Honorary), Pi Mu Epsilon (Mathematics honorary), MENSA, Extra Class Amateur Radio License K0DLG (formerly AAØDU), Founder/Sponsor of Student Chapter of SWE (Society of Women Engineers)


  • A Primer of Reliability Theory, John Wiley & Sons, 1989, soon to be release on CD.  Inquire if interested.
  • Linear Programming for Beginners


  • Bayes Sampling Scheme for Stratified Finite populations with Hyperbinominal Prior Distributions," Technometrics, Vol. 14, #3, August 1972.

  • Stabilization of Wearout--Replacement Rate," with Robert Lee Lyon, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Vol. R. 24, #4, October 1975.

  • "Bayesian Analysis of Component Failure Data," with J. K. Shultis, F. A. Tillman, and N. D. Eckhoff NUREG/CR-1110 KSU-2662.

  • "Bayesian Reliability and Availability--A Review," with F. A. Tillman, Way Kuo and C. L. Hwang. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Vol. R-31 #5, December 1982.  

  • "Parallel CFR Units," IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Vol. R-31 #4, October 1982.

  • “Comments on the Delta-Star Problem," IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Vol. R-32 #4, October 1983.

  • "Fault Tree Analysis, Methods and Applications--A Review," W. S. Lee, D. L. Grosh, F. A. Tillman, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Vol. R-34 #3, August 1985.

  • "Kansas Farmstead Well Survey for Contamination by Pesticides and Volatile Organics," Proceedings of the Agricultural Impacts on Ground Water Conference, pp. 530-541, Aug 11-13, 1986, Omaha Nebraska, Published by National Water Well Association 6375 Riverside Dr,    Dublin, OH  43071.

  • “Contamination of Farmstead Wells by Pesticides, Volatile Organics, and Inorganic Chemicals in Kansas”, with James Steichen, James Koelliker, AlanHeiman, Robert Yearout and Victor Robbins, Ground Water Monitoring Review, Summer 1988

  • "Standby Reliability in Reliability--A Review," with R. D. Yearout and A. Prabbaker Reddy. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Vol. R-35 #3 August 1986.

  • "Farmstead Well Contamination Factor Study Phase 2, Part 1, with J. K. Koelliker, R. D. Yearout, J. M. Steichen and J. M. Higgins, Completion Report to Kansas Department of Health and Environment for 2-year funded study (1991).


  • "A Generalized Cramér Inequality," with Lynn Bussey, Kansas Engineering Experiment Station Report #115, November 1973.

  • "Marginal Distribution Estimators of the Gamma Prior Parameters for a group Poisson Processes. Part II: Maximum Likelihood Method," Kansas Engineering Experiment Station, EES Special Report #143, Spring 1981.

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